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iTap Keyboard

Don't expect an icon to show up on the home screen. There is an App there, which contains the installation instructions, but you must enable the keyboard yourself.

If you need support, have questions a suggestion, please send mail to

The iTap Keyboard is an Input Method and is essentially a modification of the system that allows you to change how it works (one of the great wins of Android).

If there are any issues with the keyboard not working on certain phone, we list them on the Known Issues page.

Here are some quick instructions on enabling it:
1) - Go to Settings -> Language & keyboard (Samsung devices usually call this Locale & Text)
2) - You should see "iTap Keyboard" listed about half way down.
3) - Enable the new input method by selecting it (check the checkbox) you should get the standard Android warning for keyboards (yah, scary warning).
4) - You can now exit Settings.
5) - Select any application you like that you can enter text into.
6) - Make a long-click on the text input (press and hold your finder on the text box).
7) - You should get a popup list within a few seconds and one of the options should be "Input Method". Select it.
You should see the iTap Keyboard in the list of input methods. Select the iTap Keyboard option now.
8) - Your keyboard will now change.

Note that you can change it any time you like, but the selection will be sticky (it stays selected) and going back to the original Android Keyboard is as simple as doing steps 6 through 9 again.

Keyboard Layouts

The iTap Keyboard has three layouts your can choose from: iPhone Layout, Gingerbread Layout and Stone Layout.
Note: The iPhone layout is not designed to be an exact replica. The aim is to put the keys in the same place as the iPhone does.

iPhone Layout

Gingerbread Layout

Stone Layout

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