Version History

Versions with EA at the end are Early Release versions.

Version 1.0.16 GA

(both versions)
  • Fixed key colours for phone number input keyboard.
  • Fixed wrong name in settings when not in English locale.
(full version)
  • Fixed the word "I" defaulting to lower case for auto completion.
(free version)
  • none

Version 1.0.15 GA

(both versions)
  • Using Contacts in word completion is now optional.
  • Added hack setting to enable SMS app, enter key to insert newline instead of sending SMS. Default disabled.
  • Smilely key is back in apps like SMS and GTalk. If you enable the newline hack, it will turn off smileys.
(full version)
  • Improved handling of word contractions during prediction.

Version 1.0.14 GA

(both versions)
  • Changed return key icon to "return" as on iPhone.
  • Removed "smiley" key from SMS screen and replaced with send key.
(full version)
  • Changed method of indicating out of license app.
  • Significantly improved word completion.
(free version)
  • Added buy button to suggestion strip.

Version 1.0.13 GA

(both versions)
  • Changed application name
  • Reduced vertical key spacing just a little.
(full version)
  • Added en_US dictionary for full word completion.
(free version)
  • Added buy full version info.

Version 1.0.10 EA

  • Prevented crash on some phones during user dictionary add word.

Version 1.0.09 EA

  • Turned off debug mode.
  • Fixed double space period auto correction.

Version 1.0.08 EA 

  • Skipped. Mistakenly left debug turned on.

Version 1.0.07 EA 

  • Fixed yellow highlight behind keys.
  • Fixed crash on HTC Desire HD.
  • Fixed double smiley keys in IM mode.
  • Fixed spacebar key colour.
  • Made shift and delete keys just a bit wider.

Version 1.0.06 EA

  • General Features and Fixes
  • New Icon for the application.
  • Added preferences for keyboard.
  • Added key click sound.
  • Added vibration on key click.
  • Added word completion.
  • Added word lookup from user dictionary and contacts.
  • Improved key dimensions and spacing.
  • Cleaned up word completion bar.

Experimental features

  • Made key colours more closely match the iPhone.
  • Auto Capitalization option
  • Quick Fixes
  • Auto Complete

Version 1.0.05 EA

  • Reworked keyboard from 1.0.04 which was too small.

Version 1.0.04 EA

  • Fixed apostrophe deleting previous char.
  • Added double-space = period+space
  • Improved key spacing & layout
  • Fixed shift key preview (was popping up blank)

Version 1.0.03 EA

  • Fixed can't select / or : on N1

Version 1.0.02 EA

  • Fixed layout on shift-symbol keyboard.

Version 1.0.01 EA

  • fixed button images
  • Improved layout

Version 1.0.00 EA

  • Initial release