Upcoming Features

What I'm working on now:

I am currently working on improving performance for the Full version auto-complete dictionary. It's currently working well, but I think it can be faster and I want to see if I can improve the word selection smarts to make it better at predicting your keystrokes.

When I have a moment I'll fix the smiley button int he SMS view that everyone hates. It will become an enter key.

What are my Plans:

I actually do pay attention to the comments attached to the app in the Android Market. 

I'll be setting up a better way to manage bugs and changes, but for now just use the channels already available.

For those that can't get it to work: so far most of the comments to that effect are because someone didn't actually bother to read the installation instructions. To those people; I'm sorry your having trouble, but please RTFM.

The two most requested features now are Full word completion and multiple languages. In order to implement those two, I'll need to pay 3rd parties.
So, in the near future the keyboard will become a paid app, which will support adding those two features specifically and promote future development.