Q: Send/Enter key in SMS app?

A: The SMS app has a limitation that that prevents you from using the entry key to add a new line. Clicking the enter key will actually send the SMS message. For this reason the enter key has been changed to a "send" key to help prevent users from mistakenly sending an unfinished SMS.
Unfortunately, this is not under the control of the IKE.

Q: What version of Android does this work on?

A: It should work on any Android 2.1 OS that uses a virtual keyboard. It was specifically written for the Nexus One but I have reports that it also works on Motorola Droid (although I don't now why you'd need it on one).

Q: I'm getting a warning that you could collect my data?

A: It's the standard warning you get for any keyboard you install in Android (try it with another one, you should see the same warning). It's kind of like the warning Windows pops up when something wants to install. I don't actually collect anything from your phone, although I have no way to prove that.

Q: What phones does it work on?

A: Actually it works on almost all phones that I've tried, I've even tested on a Galaxy Tab and it seems to be fine. a better question would be what phones is it known not to be ideal on? See the next QA :)

Q: What devices is it NOT recommended for?

A: Motorola CLIQ™ (screen too small). Some devices with unusual language selections may cause it to not look correct or work properly. At the moment is English only, but there are plans to port the dictionary to other languages.